A look into the life of a missionary!!
Please take a moment to see what we are up to and to PRAY for us as we try to
get it all into each week.

Thank you
Mike is able to go into the Mexican prison every week. Where he shares the Word
of God with about 25 guys in several different small groups..  He is reaching not
only the prisoners but the guards as well!  This past November he was able to
rent a space so now they don't have to sit out in the hot sun to hear the Word of
the Lord!  His groups have had to be rebuilt...due to early releases for good
behavior...  Sounds like something God would do!!
Is one of the Huichol villages we go to.  This one has asked Mike to share a Word
from the Lord once a month on the third Saturday.  Pastor Felix & Pastor Juaquin
are a great blessing to their people.  We also help with their Children and other
special projects that come up!  Pastor Felix has now has 6 other villages that he
ministers in!  Mike has been able to go with Ps Felix to several new villages.  The
Kingdom is being built!
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This Huichol Village is 3 hours from Tepic straight up a mountain.  It is so
awesome to look down from here and see the clouds over the valley below.
Since the roads are only paved a little more than half way there we can only go
after the rainy season.   We sometimes take them supplies and materials for
the church, but we ALWAYS take them the WORD OF GOD!    PASTOR LUIS now
has 6 additional works further into the mountains.  Celebrating with this Church
has been a blessing to all of us.   The girls enjoy doing small teachings with the
kids and teens and playing games with them each trip.
The newest village that Mike is going to visit.  There are about 50 Believers in
this village and they have a building (that is now complete with flooring).  They
God has a plan for every person out there in the Sierras of Mexico.  And that HE
chooses to use US...