The Huichol are an indigenous ethnic group of Western Central Mexico that live in
the Sierra Madre Occidental.  They call themselves the “Wixarica: or “the People” in
their native language, Wixa: (the “x” is a trilled “r”).  The Huichol are originally from
the state of San Luis Potosi to the east of where they are found now, in Durango,
Jalisco, Zacatecas and Nayarit.  They are decedents of the Aztec and are related to
their UTO_Aztecan speaking cousin, the Hopi of Arizona.  It is believed that the
remnant of Huichol that have survived are the High Priests of the Aztec nation and
when the Spanish came to concur Mexico they were hidden in the Sierras and only
came to the city in the 1940’s to find out why the wild life had left the area.  They
use a Per-columbian Shamanic tradition which is tied to their past ceremonies.  
Having withstood the Spanish Invasion, they are still striving  to keep their culture
alive and viable.  The Huichol romanticize their past, when game was plentiful and
they were free to roam the vast mountain ranges and deserts of the their
homeland.  This was a time of freedom for them, before they became tethered to
the growing of corn.