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Shaman have left the
villages where the Christian
Churches are that we help!!
Huichol Religion
The Huichol practice Animism(belief that
non-human objects have spirits) as their core

Religion is not a part of life...IT IS LIFE.  

The Huichol have maintained much of their old
beliefs mixed with Catholicism over the years.  The
Huichol have over 250 different Gods such as
Tayau(Sun), Tatewari (fire), Aramara (rain),
Kauyumari (deer), Nakawe (growth), and Tatei
Urianaka (earth).
Peyote is also an important part of the Huichol
religion, a small dose inhibits hunger, thirst and
fatigue while a large dose produce hallucinations
and affords a means of communication with their
gods.   They would also use this to guide them on
their pilgrimage to Wirikuta (their scared land) now
known as the Island of Mextitalitan.  The Shaman
(witch doctors) are often sought for remedies and
for dealing with medical needs.  They believe that
sickness is sent by a deity that they have offended
or by a witch.  
Huichol believe that when a person dies, his soul
embarks on a five year journey through the
underworld.  After the journey, the soul returns to
earth and is captured by a shaman in the form of a
rock crystal.  The crystal is placed in the family
shrine to be anointed with blood and offered food.

IN 1999 there are 2% professing the Christian
faith among the Huichol, Today there are over 5%
calling on Jesus as their savior.  However there
are still some 95% still practicing their Huichol