HUICHOL Occupations

The Huichol Indians are famous for their
artwork.  The craftsmanship of the Huichol
includes embroidery, bead work, sombreros,
archery equipment, prayer arrows and
weaving, as well as “cuchuries”, woven or
embroidered bags of great beauty and
religious significance which also serve great
practical purpose.  It is uncommon to ever
see a Huichol without his Cuchurie.  

The Huichol are Dirt Farmers, gleaning a living from land that is desert for half
of the year and jungle the other half.  During the rainy season, they live on
their farms and make their art work. Their main crops are corn, chilies, beans,
nopales (a type of cactus).  Their lives revolve around the agricultural cycle.  
Because of this lack of wage earning opportunities many of the men leave for
a few months each year to find agricultural work on the pacific coast.